Climbing The Hill

by | 11/29/2022

Since September 2015, Cassidy Hubbard has been working as a sous chef in our Iron Hill Newark location as part of the National Restaurant Association Apprenticeship program. She was selected as a great candidate for the program by her manager at the time, Jason Thomson, as he identified her as a high performing, high potential employee. This program reassures the employee that we value them and are committed to their development. We commit to developing them into a salaried role within a 2 year period of time, so long as they complete the necessary classes and gain essential hands-on kitchen experience.

“When I came to Iron Hill I was definitely looking for that next step in my career, not just a job,” Cassidy says.

We congratulate her on her accomplishments to date and we are excited about the bright future that she has in front of her. To hear more about her experience, check out this short video created by the National Restaurant Association.