Discover Iron Hill's Real-Time Beer List

by | 11/29/2022

Discovering just-tapped craft beer has become much easier at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant. From the anticipation of scouting out new beers on tap to the enjoyment of sampling a fresh release to the very last drop, we’re helping you to embrace this just-tapped concept with our real-time Beers On Tap page.

Now, anytime you are eager to know what’s on tap at your favorite Iron Hill location, you’ll have the answer at your fingertips in mere seconds. The digitized, fresh beer facelift is your comprehensive guide to Iron Hill, telling you what’s currently pouring and, most importantly, allowing you to catch that can’t-miss sampling before it goes bone dry.

With our real-time beer launch well underway, we tapped some of our King of the Hill Rewards Club Members to sound off about their user experience, which beers they’ll constantly scout out and more.

Four King of the Hill Members Weigh in on the New System:

Colleen Perrin, Two-Year King of the Hill Member

West Chester native Colleen Perrin identifies Iron Hill as “the place” for her family. “The kids got to an age that we knew we could start going out more, and Iron Hill was the place,” she revealed. “We all love the food and my husband and I love the beer, too. It just made sense to join King of the Hill.”

Perrin, who typically checks the website before her family visits, is dubbing the Beers On Tap upgrade “fantastic,” explaining, “I like to see what is available and what I might want. If something isn’t there when I arrive, I am usually crestfallen. This new system gives me all I need to know, and I can count on it being up to date.”

What beer is she already scouting out? “I like several of Iron Hill’s seasonal beers, but they are always making something new. I’ll be watching to see what’s up, and no doubt will plan a trip back to taste it.”

Andie Bicho, Six-Year King of the Hill Member

Fellow West Chester native Andie Bicho believes that the new Beers On Tap upgrade will help build excitement for new releases. She reveals that visiting the page on the repeat will help her stay in the know and allow her to snag the latest, ultra-hyped release from her home store.

What can’t-miss beer is ranking high on her list? “Chuck Norris’ Beard [a spicy, high octane Belgian IPA] and any sour!,” she reveals, without skipping a beat.

Mike Walski, Eight-Year King of the Hill Member

Current Erdenheim resident Mike Walski, a long-time KOTH member since the original Mug Club in 2006, regularly hits our Chestnut Hill and Phoenixville locations. “I’ll go to Iron Hill regardless of what is on tap on any given day,” he reveals. “But, knowing something special or fun is being served would certainly give me something to look forward to drinking.”

He’s already addicted to scouting his preferred locations for favorites like Sweet Leaf IPA (“how about that, it’s now on tap in Chestnut Hill!,” he says). “I’ll also be watching for Berliner Weisse and Oktoberfest in Phoenixville.”

Stephen Lyfords, Five-Year King of the Hill Member

Like Walski, for New Jersey native Stephen Lyfords, the Beers On Tap option will help narrow down which of his favorite locations he should hit. “Now with Voorhees open, which is closer [to me], I split my time between there and Maple Shade because both locations have great staff and talented brewers,” he shared. “If I can see that a particular beer (or more) is on tap, that helps me decide which one to visit. Knowing which seasonal or special beers are on tap will help guide my choice of which location to visit, too.”

Want to stay in the draft beer know like these King of the Hill members? Put your clicking fingers to use and start bookmarking your favorite Iron Hill locations and our real-time Beers On Tap pages.

Each of our 10 Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurants in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey feature real-time Beers On Tap pages. Click here to scout out the current beer list at your favorite Iron Hill. Iron Hill specializes in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Make your online reservations after deciding which beers you have to try.

Amy Strauss