Forget the Milk! Have Cookies & Beer.

by | 11/29/2022

The holidays are here, which are traditionally a time for gathering with friends and family to do a bit of merry making. This year is a bit different, and many of us might not be able to see our loved ones. But it doesn’t mean you can’t surprise them with a basket of goodies.

Roll up those sleeves! Clear off the kitchen counter! And, forget the milk! We’re going to bake a few cookies and pair your culinary creations with some Iron Hill Brewery beers.

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Russian Imperial Stout:

The Chocolate Chip Cookie is a classic and the most popular amongst the cookies. Everyone loves them because each bite is a gamble, either an overabundance of dark chocolate morsel or brown sugar sweetness. Reach for our Russian Imperial Stout when enjoying this classic cookie. The dark chocolate and espresso flavors of the beer will only enhance the chocolaty morsels while taming the caramelized sweetness of the brown sugar. The light carbonation won’t overpower the cookie but will help to cut through the heaviness of the butter, preparing the palate for a second bite.

*Stick to the original Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe by Toll House*

Sugar Cookies & Hipster IPA:

The Sugar Cookie is the simplest of cookies but provides you with a blank canvas to pair almost any beer alongside. We’ve chosen our Hipster IPA, which is a very delicate Hazy IPA, with notes of juicy melon and ripe mango. The sweetness of the Sugar Cookie enhances the subtle melon and mango in the Hipster IPA, while the carbonation cuts through the fat of the butter, creating the perception that the Sugar Cookie is lighter and fluffier than it would be on its own.

*Look no further than Betty Crocker’s original Sugar Cookie recipe for inspiration*

Kentucky Bourbon Balls & Reindeer’s Revenge:

Kentucky Bourbon Balls are a no-bake classic that many of us can remember our grandmothers making as children. While we never indulged in them back then, we certainly remember the merry making that followed during their creation. Pair these dangerous cookies with our Reindeer’s Revenge. While hints of Caramel & Vanilla from the Bourbon (we recommend Buffalo Trace) intermingle with toasted Pecan and Sweet Cocoa in the cookie, the Reindeer’s Revenge helps create a “fancy” cocktail feel by providing background notes of grapefruit peel and banana. The bitterness of the beer rounds out the pairing and readies the palate for that second bite.

*Serious Eats has a recipe for Kentucky Bourbon Balls that comes very close to Grandma’s recipe*

Gingerbread Cookies & Kryptonite IPA:

Ginger is one of the many “hot” spices of the Winter months. And, what better way to get your ginger fix than with the Gingerbread cookie. Full of spice flavor, robust molasses sweetness and hints of citrus, this cookie deserves a beer that will complement its complexity. Reach for Kryptonite IPA, which brings to the table a heavy dose of grapefruit rind and hop bitterness to enhance the spices, while the massively malty base and warming alcohols, help to draw out the complex sweetness of the molasses.

*Try out this seriously spiced Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Serious Eats*

The holidays are just around the corner! Make sure to stock up your fridge with Iron Hill Beer and don’t forgot to pick up all the essential ingredients you’ll need to craft these delicious cookies.