Giving at the Hill

by | 11/29/2022

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant takes great pride in building bonds with each of the communities where we brew our beer and practice our craft in the kitchen. One of the ways that we do this is through our Give 20 program with various charities and community groups across the areas we serve. “Give 20” is a fundraising program in which Iron Hill donates 20% of all checks from members, friends and family of an organization on their scheduled event date.

We recently hosted a group from the Roxborough YMCA in our Chestnut Hill location and the following is a personal account of that event written by Barbara Holman Lynn that appeared in the Chestnut Hill Local. Thanks to Barb for sharing her story with us and we hope to celebrate with you and your group at one of our brewery and restaurants in the near future.

“I am 68, and my husband is 70. We live in Roxborough, and I have been a member of the local “Y” for over 10 years. Many doctors believe I have Multiple Sclerosis or some type of progressive neuropathy. In October 2015, I had a serious fall, broke my femur and had two major surgeries. I spent 67 days in Jefferson Hospital and five months in rehabilitation hospitals in Louisiana while my home was being renovated to accommodate a wheelchair. Prior to the fall, I used a walker and could drive.

On May 10, The Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in Chestnut Hill donated 20% of the food bill to the Roxborough Y for those diners presenting a coupon. I consider the “Y” my family. Now that I’m retired, I travel on CCT, the SEPTA Paratransit bus, to and from the Roxborough Y at least four days a week. I could stay home alone in the wheelchair while my husband works in Center City.

However, I prefer to visit with my family at the “Y”. Exercise and socialize. Dine at Iron Hill and raise money, perhaps for a new boiler. Seniors like me enjoy regulated pool water temperatures that are favorable for arthritis sufferers.

So, for two weeks I posted signs and talked amongst my “Y” family members. Everyone was told to pick up an Iron Hill coupon at the front desk. Tables were reserved for lunch at noon under Roxborough Y. A large group of “Y” members sat together at long tables. Another table was reserved at 6:30 p.m. for dinner with my husband Jimmy and friends from Chestnut Hill.

I wheeled into the Iron Hill, a very accessible restaurant; I met the day manager, Jason, and Ned (regional, from Atlanta) at lunch time. How professional they were! Our group felt most welcomed by the Iron Hill staff and could not stop complimenting the very good quality of the food…”

Click here to read the full story and learn how our Give 20 program positively impacted senior citizens and handicapped at the Roxborough YMCA.