How to Plan a Successful Power Lunch at Iron Hill

by | 11/29/2022

Wait—business meetings are boring? That’s a new concept to us, because when you hold them at Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant, they’re far from dull thanks to our generous menu, comfortable seating and attentive staff.

You’ll hit a full-out sprint exiting your stuffy conference room to soak up our lunchtime ambience. Choose Iron Hill because of our cuisine, of course, but we’ve got a lot more to offer the savvy businessperson:


  • Reservations show your client is important—no waiting! Call your favorite Iron Hill, or reserve a table on our website for quick and easy reservations through OpenTable.
  • Our menu caters to everyone, even those with gluten and allergen sensitivities. Something from our appetizers, shared plates, small plates, entrees, salad starters, big salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, soups, healthy selections or brewhouse favorites is sure to delight even the most picky eater (client!).
  • Private booths keep your business between you and your guests. Make sure to request a booth when you call or in your OpenTable notes.
  • Looking to host a bigger crowd? Ring your favorite Iron Hill and ask for the event planner. We’re happy to help!

Knocking a power lunch out of the park is more than just logistics and great eats, though. We’ve gathered 7 tips so your next Iron Hill power lunch is a smashing success.

1. It’s still a meeting—just a delicious one. Come prepared as you would for any important tête-à-tête. Make sure you have defined goals and objectives, an agenda and your desired outcomes. You don’t necessarily have to whip out a packet—but you can if that’s relevant—just make sure your house is in order before you sit down.


2. Arrive early. We won’t make your guests wait for a table, so make sure they’re not waiting on you. Aim to arrive at the restaurant at least 15 minutes early, and check in with the host. He’ll be ready to whisk your party to your table when your guests arrive.

3. Stick to business. Sure, you’ll look like the best lunch meeting planner ever by suggesting Iron Hill. Just make sure you don’t get too comfortable or overly personal—it’s a brewpub, but you’re visiting for a power lunch. Dress appropriately to your profession, just as you would if the meeting was in your office. Feel free to start with some small talk, but then get to your agenda to respect your guests’ time.

4. Order early. Our staff members are attentive and friendly, so let the server know you’re there for a business lunch and will be ordering rather quickly. This will encourage your guests to eyeball the menu and be ready when your server next swings by. Ordering early means you’ll have uninterrupted time to chat before the food arrives.

5. The elephant in the room: alcohol. You’re in charge of this meeting, so it’s up to you whether to indulge in one of our signature beers or other adult libations from our full bar. This is totally your call: you’ll know what to do, just do it first to take any pressure off your guests. And even though we’re a brewpub, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy only soft drinks. Whatever you order—start with a toast. There’s no wrong way to “cheers” to a great lunch meeting.


6. No selfies—we repeat, no selfies! We know our plated meals are picture-perfect, but a power lunch is not the time to snap pictures of your food—or selfies. It’s also most certainly not the time to post on social media. The pro move: silence your phone and put it in your pocket, briefcase or bag. That will encourage your guests to do the same.

7. Pick up the check. Your meeting, your bill. If the opportunity presents itself to privately ask your server to hand you the bill, perfect. If not, have your credit card handy and when your server approaches with the check, simply reach out and accept it. If your guests protest, just slip your credit card in with the check, hand it back to the server and smile. (They won’t protest twice.)

When the bill is paid, the final handshakes (and deals?) have been made and you’re back in your car, feel free to fist pump yourself for a job well done. Do let us know how we did, as well as how we might serve your business needs in the future. We hope to see you for a power lunch—soon.

With 11 locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, there’s an Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant near you. We specialize in handcrafted beers and fresh, from-scratch New American cuisine. Monthly releases vary by location, so scout out our beers on tap and visit us soon.

Nina Malone