Iron Hill Employee You Need to Know—Tiffany Wheat

by | 11/29/2022

Our restaurant staffers keep our customers satisfied, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes in our corporate office that makes Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant a great place to work. Meet one of our best who makes sure all Iron Hill employees are happy on payday.

Tiffany Wheat, CPP, Payroll Manager, Iron Hill Headquarters in Wilmington

What’s your favorite customer story from when you were a server?

It’s been a long time since I was on that end of the restaurant business, but I distinctly remember how impressed I was by our customer base; I met a lot of nice people. So many of our guests are Iron Hill super fans! It immediately drew me to the company and I, too, have been a loyal fan ever since.

What would you say has been your biggest success story working for this company?

I started at Iron Hill as a server in 2008. Through chance, luck and a few recommendations, I soon started working at headquarters. I never wanted to leave the restaurant industry and this job and company have given me the opportunity to stay in the industry that I love while still being home with my kids each night. Iron Hill truly does promote from within, and employee development is a huge part of our culture. I really couldn’t see a better fit for myself anywhere else.

Why do you enjoy working at Iron Hill?

This job is such a great mix! I get to work with some of the best accounting and human resources professionals as well as some amazing restaurant managers. The variety of what I do and with whom I work really makes this job ever-changing and always interesting.

As an Iron Hill “super fan,” what’s your favorite beer?

Chuck Norris’s Beard is my all-time favorite. I really like a lot of the IPAs and APAs, particularly Newark Senior Head Brewer Brian Finn’s IPAs.

What’s your must-have menu item?

Fish & Chips! I am originally from the west coast where halibut and cod are the go-to fish for that item. This dish reminds me of home each time I eat it. Iron Hill makes a delicious cod version that has been my favorite addition on the menu since I started with the company. Also, I’ve been eating Iron Hill hummus for seven years now and it’s still by far my favorite hummus; it’s the best I’ve ever had.

What’s one thing no one else would know about you that you’d like to share?

My favorite birthday in my entire life was my seventh. That was the year I was old enough to get my own library card. I couldn’t have been happier! I’ve been a book nerd my whole life and getting that card was the coolest thing ever to me. I would load up as many books into my bike basket that I was allowed to take and go home and pour through them. I still love to read and do so at every opportunity.

When you’re not at Iron Hill, what are you doing?

We’re a busy family! I have three little girls under the age of five. Our most recent addition was born in March. I used to think our dog, Rupert, was a handful; now he’s probably the biggest helper in the house. He cleans up falling food before I even see it hit the floor. Rupert has probably put on 10 pounds since my first little girl was born.

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