Koko Niu and the Hawaii Connection

by | 11/29/2022

Greetings again,

I’m hoping that you have heard about the Koko Niu Stout we are releasing this Saturday, 5/10 at 1pm. If you haven’t then I’d love to tell you about it now!

We brewed a medium bodied Oatmeal Stout, aged it on twenty pounds of cocoa nibs and a quarter pound of vanilla beans for 3 weeks, then we
transferred the now Chocolate Stout onto 50 pounds of freshly toasted coconut.  It’s like a nitrogenated chocolate and coconut Girl Scout cookie!

I’ve been thinking about making a beer like this for a while.  My lovely wife and I were lucky enough to visit Hawaii on our honeymoon. We spent a week on the island of Kauai which is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian island chain.  It is aptly nicknamed the garden island.


The north, east and south coasts are populated but the interior and west/north west coast are mountainous, craggy, tropical and largely uninhabited.  We took a great hike on my birthday and really got to experience the many sides of Kauai.  We started the 9 mile hike in a tropical forest, hiked a few miles into a deciduous forest, then a few miles later were on a high ridge that was almost a desert overlooking the otherwise lushly green Na’Pali coast.

Almost every night we recharged our batteries with fresh sea food, fantastic locally grown tropical fruit and veggies and topped it off with cans of Maui Brewing Companies CoCoNut Porter. CoCoNut Porter is a richly chocolaty robust porter brewed with a generous addition of toasted coconut.  It is a fantastic beer and one that my wife and I enjoy whenever we can find it.

Our Koko Niu Stout, which translates to simply Cocoa Chocolate Stout, is an homage to this great beer.  It has robust Coconut character with a firmly chocolatly backbone.

I hope you can make it Saturday to enjoy the unveiling of this lovely beer.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for the weather to let us hang out on the patio!