Ultimate Beer & Cookie Pairing Guide

by | 11/29/2022

Champagne and oysters. Tequila and tacos. Beer and cookies.

♫”One of those things is not like the others”♪ you may be singing to yourself, but we’re here to change your mind and give your taste buds the ol’ razzle dazzle with our very own Iron Hill beer and Girl Scout cookie pairings.

Since Girl Scout cookies only come once a year, it’s fortuitous that we have an assortment of great beers in cans available that pair perfectly with these cookies. While each Iron Hill brewer creates their unique beer list and has beers that pair marvelously with these cookies, we’ll be sticking with the cans that everyone has access to.

Rising Sun IPA – The use of exclusively Sorachi Ace hops in this 7.3% India Pale Ale brings unique flavors of lemon, coconut, and even dill. Bright hop bitterness also plays off the tongue, which helps balance out the sweetness of the cookies.
Pairs well with: Lemonades, Caramel DeLites

Bedotter – this Belgian-style tripel is a bit of a trickster. Although it clocks in at 9%, it drinks like it’s 5%, a testament to it’s dry, refreshing taste. Full of notes of stone fruit, cloves & banana, this robust beer is not one to be counted out.
Pairs well with: Shortbread, Do-si-dos

Russian Imperial Stout – It’s almost unfair to include this one, because it pairs with so many so well, it was hard to choose. Roasty, chocolatey and perfectly balanced with hop bitterness, this Russian wonderfully compliments most any dessert.
Pairs well with: Thin Mints, Girl Scout S’mores (honourable mention: Peanut Butter Patties)

Hipster IPA – One of our newest beers to be canned, Hipster IPA is one of our most popular New England-styles to be released. Hopped to give all of the fruit flavor but very little bitterness, Hipster IPA has notes of melon, citrus, mango & pine, with a smooth and fluffy mouthfeel.
Pairs well with: Shortbread, Lemonades

If you’re interested in even more pairings, every Iron Hill Brewery in the PA, NJ and DE region will be hosting their very own Girl Scout Cookie and Beer pairing on February 29th. Check out your local Iron Hill facebook page for details.